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Russia, the country of the dead
Date:  2019/02/27 05:28
Name:  Ooou

Russia has been turning into the country of the dead for so long a time.
Exit Russia.


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Russia, the country of the dead ( No.1 )
Date:  2019/03/04 20:49
Name:  Ooou

Dear U.S. compatriots, fellow countrymen, never ever go to Russia.
Exit Russia if You happen to be there.
Russia, the country of the dead ( No.2 )
Date:  2019/03/23 03:59
Name:  Ooou

“ - Hey, so how did it feel in Hell?
- It feels like an icy steel, cutting through the foolish man’s throat.”
The Revenant.

“The places in Hell depend on the amount of money one has.”

I can’t even hope to see nice dreams, they never come here, only nightmares.
Russia, the country of the dead ( No.3 )
Date:  2019/04/05 05:23
Name:  Ooou

I wonder if there is anybody here who cares about people more than about the stones...
Russia, the country of the dead ( No.4 )
Date:  2019/04/14 01:42
Name:  Ooou

Can anybody pay the visa fee and a ticket to USA?
Russia, the country of the dead ( No.5 )
Date:  2019/04/14 05:15
Name:  Ooou

I’m not a king. I’m weak, and I hate being alone.
I’m in pain and in torment.
I don’t want to die here.
I’m scared. I’m lonely. I don’t want to die!
Somebody save me!!!
Russia, the country of the dead ( No.6 )
Date:  2019/06/08 19:03
Name:  Ooou

INVITE me to Your country, I'm looking for a formal written invitation, that's all. Be my official sponsor or a guarantor for a Japan visa. It's such a small thing for most of You. Please.

Any offer is great. Guest invitation, school invitation, job invitation.
Russia, the country of the dead ( No.7 )
Date:  2019/06/22 19:44
Name:  Ooou

Just invite me to any job in Japan.
I speak and write 5 languages.
I can do webdesign.
Russia, the country of the dead ( No.8 )
Date:  2019/07/06 02:02
Name:  Ooou

Heavens, just buy me a ticket and invite for a short stay.
If You can buy a visa to Norway, You are a god!
c2231c2074322.com ( No.9 )
Date:  2019/07/10 00:26
Name:  Vincenttride

Hi. Thx!
<a href=http://c2231c2074322.com>c2231c2074322.com</a>

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