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My game with kimurajp66 dissappeared
Date:  2012/05/29 21:40
Name:  kanekyjp74

Both Mr. Kimura and I don't know how come the game is not here anymore. Is there anyway to recover it? I can remember almost all of the moves, but I'm not 100% sure. In the mean time we started a new game. This time I will make copies occasionally.

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Re: My game with kimurajp66 dissappeared ( No.1 )
Date:  2012/06/03 15:04
Name:  tsuchkjp73

I don't know the reason why your game had disappeared. But there was a backup data file, so I could be restored your game. From admin. :-)
Re: My game with kimurajp66 dissappeared ( No.2 )
Date:  2012/06/04 06:04
Name:  kanekyjp74

Dear Admin, thank you very, very much!

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