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No display of my poolecbr69 game position.
Date:  2012/06/16 17:36
Name:  wardapgb68

On my poolecbr69 game I get a display of an earlier stage of my yamasijp80 game instead of the poolecbr69 game position,yet I still get Pooley San message to me.

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Re: No display of my poolecbr69 game position. ( No.1 )
Date:  2012/06/17 05:25
Name:  kanekyjp74

Something like that happned to other people before. Most preobably it will be fixed by the admin (not me, I'm just a user here) soon.
Re: No display of my poolecbr69 game position. ( No.2 )
Date:  2012/06/17 07:18
Name:  koizuyjp72

Philip san,Koizumi desu. I suppose the reason of this problem as follows. At first you played with Yamashita san,then you played with Pooley san.But in that time you pasted the Yamashita san's data still remaining on the clip board.
In this case we can't recover the original data . I regret to say you delete and set a new game to Pooley san.
Re: No display of my poolecbr69 game position. ( No.3 )
Date:  2012/06/17 11:06
Name:  wardapgb68

Aha! That makes sense.I remember that I was very busy putting all the moves in so my mistake.I am very sorry to have put you and Pooley San to such trouble.
Is it all right to e-mail Pooley San first to let him know?,Then delete and set new game later on today.Actually Pooley San sounds like he still has position on his computer,so if he wanted,we could re-enter this game on the new game if he wanted? It seems unfair on him otherwise.
Thank you,Koizumi San,for solving the mystery!

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