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Application for a new game
Date:  2011/11/27 03:10
Name:  lindnmge40

Creating a 19x19 game didn't work so far... maybe this form will help?

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Re: Application for a new game ( No.1 )
Date:  2011/11/28 06:54
Name:  mannehgb68

if you set up a game and invite me to it, I will play against you if you are interested?
Re: Application for a new game ( No.2 )
Date:  2011/12/05 16:45
Name:  kimhyufnko80

My name was kimhyuko80.But now if I pray a game,"Please set your password." message appeared. what is my password?
Re: Application for a new game ( No.3 )
Date:  2011/12/14 11:27
Name:  koizuyjp72

This is Y.Koizumi,the Room Manager of the Ingo.

1. lindnmge40 san
You are not registerd yet.
So,will you fill in the register format on the [HOME] page,and post?
Then you'll be registerd and began to play.

2 kimhyufnko80 san
You must make own PW yourself and fill in pw window.
Then you can post your move by clicking "finish" button.
Re: Application for a new game ( No.4 )
Date:  2011/12/14 22:58
Name:  duxia

I m Du Xia,I invite MR Yamashita TO TAKE PART IN THIS NEW GAME
Re: Application for a new game ( No.5 )
Date:  2011/12/15 10:20
Name:  koizuyjp72

Du Xia san
Koizumi (room manager)desu.
Thank you for registration yesterday.
I'll set your match against Yamasita san.
I hope you have happy time.

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